In 1997 Steve Kirby  established Get fit stay fit, now know as Get fit stay fit Norfolk, A Sports Massage and Muscular Injury Clinic, dealing with Sports and Occupational trauma injuries.

Steve became a specialist, in” Sports Massage & Muscular Injury.”

So he could  help people and give them the tools to move forward with their lives after injury. Steve trained to become the best he could as a professional in his field.  He became a member of The Sports Massage Association at a Level 4 Gold Member Standard  He is also First Aid Trained and Fully insured with LFC Graybrook  Steve also became a Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine  allowing him access to lots of information to help his clients. from other Members and Fellows, also the advantage, access and use of their extensive library, also the specialised conferences that are arrange.

In 2010 Steve move to Norwich, with his wife Jacqui to establish his Sports Massage and Muscular Injury Clinic,now called Getfitstayfit Norfolk having his purpose built treatment room at 15 Manor Ridge Blofield Norwich Norfolk NR13 4PN,  or in some cases, Steve travelling to those who are unable to attend the clinic, allowing  Getfitstayfit Norfolk to reach it’s full potential and benefit as many people in the Norwich area as possible.

Gaining further qualifications and experience and continuing to do so all the time, enabling Steve to help many people recover from the trauma of  Musculoskeletal  injuries therefore  leading to a more positive and fitter lives.

Being the only clinic in the Norwich Norfolk area, to have ” The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®), Steve is a Level 5 Practitioner “ To aid clients with immediate or early intervention, when they have suffered the trauma of an Musculoskeletal  injury. Having seen fantastic results,due to early intervention allowing the need for less pain killing medication, reduction of Swelling and Oedema/Edema  and aiding in the reduction of rehabilitation and recovery time considerably.Bio Nuropulse Mk2 hands on

Also having attended the courses with John Holman and having theHydrotherm Therapy Massage


System  a system at the Clinics is also a great advantage, this is a system that  being used in leading  Spinal injury units. we used for our clients, because when they are in pain, this system  makes it more comfortable for them. It will allow the client to lie on their back with no pressure, on the painful area, without them  having to keep changing position, at the same time allowing the therapist full access to the injured area. It has proved to be very effective, one client said.It is all bout you, we know then when you have a Musculoskeletal Injury, You are in Pain. you just want to get treatment and feel comfortable and cared for.

 ” It felt like I was in a warm bath, but not getting wet while Steve Massaged away my painful back”The Hydrotherm Therapy Massage System is a system that is being used in leading Spinal injury units. here we use for our clients, to help them relax, also with Vasio Dilation, because when you are in pain, this system helps make it more comfortable for you.

Having had the pleasure of being involved with the 2012 London Marathon on behalf of Cancer Research

Steve was  managing a team of fantastic Massage therapists  who gave up their time to help the runners and massaging some fantastic people

Steve Kirby receiving his Award

In September 2015 Steve was awarded The Graybrook SMA Member of The Year.

This is a great honour for Steve as it is voted on by other members of The Sports Massage Association


I am first and foremost A Sports Massage practitioner voted SMA Therapist of the year 2015/16 my hands are my main tools.

I specialise in injury treatment so it needs more to get people back quicker and fully mobile. to do this I use combined Neuromuscular Techniques, the Hydrotherm massage system and The Bioneuro system, this is a tool that I do use in many ways,  it can be used as a diagnostic, this means that I can see the exact muscles that are not firing as people often feel pain in one area but the injury may not be in that area it is all to do with Neurotransmission.

it also means it can get into deep damaged tissue that normal massage can not get into without causing further damage or pain, the Ultra sound selection is so useful for direct pinpoint treatment  people come to me with muscular Soft Tissue injuries  in most case’s quite sever.

My aim is to help everyday people get back to their lives quicker and Pain-free


 ” You can’t change where you’ve been and to a extent where you are, but where you are going is our business and we will help you achieve your goals.” Job satisfaction, is seeing clients recover from injury and getting  fitter, caring  about clients and  believing that people should not have to live with pain, it holds you back in your life.  Getfitstayfit Norfolk will help you to be the best you can and  FEEL FREEDOM FROM PAIN

AoFAQ certificate
Amethyst Trust certificate 2016