Aileen’s An MS Patient’s Testimonial For Getfitstayfit Norfolk

Dear Steve,

As I suffer from MS, having treatment with your Bioneuro Dry Therapy
System Sigma Q (∑Q)® is great.

At first hearing that putting your feet in water followed by
getting plugged in to the electricity mains sounded very dangerous but hey ho
just give a go. It has got my circulation back to normal and I find I can walk
better. Last year I managed to walk up the stairs to the plane, which I haven’t
done for years. I find the treatment brilliant as it makes all the nerves moves
in my legs and feet. I feel that anyone with MS should try this treatment; I
know it won’t cure it , because there is not a cure, but it  makes you feel so good and I have greater
confidence in what I am doing now.

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