Bio Nuropulse Mk 2

Getfitstayfit Norfolk, are the only Clinic in Norwich Norfolk to have, The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) from Biosysco.

Steve Kirby is always updating his training, gaining more knowledge, so he can be the best for his clients, and  that they then get the best treatment from him.  To that end he has been working with the patented muscle activation technology therapy system, since  back in 2009 and has constantly been having incredible results for his  clients.

Biosysco is also in Partnership with The Centres for Analgesic Transformation  (C4AT) this is an organisation, that uses a  Think Tank/ Incubator, that has been created, in response to the Opioid epidemic.that we see today.

It is dedicated to the creation and integration of innovative technology and through leadership. C4AT leads the charge to provide alternatives for pain.

Though It may not look incredible, just a box and some wires , but what it can do, can make a whole world of difference to someone suffering from Musculoskeletal Pain.

From its conception to its development and production, The Bioneuro was designed for the clinical use in the treatment of Patients with Neurological Conditions. Such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Designed originally for the symptomatic relief of pain, the regeneration of muscle and re-education of nerve pathways, the system regularly   produces significant improvements in a wide range of Neuromuscular dysfunction,.

Biosyco Cert Advanced

What is so special about it ?

The problem with mainstream Digital Stimulation, meant that  the clinician could not use manual therapy input at the same time as the use of the Digital system.

As manual intervention was absolutely necessary, to achieve the best results for the patient, another approach was necessary. 

The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) is based on a Neuromodulation technique, but without being invasive.

This allows the therapist to use manual intervention at the same time as the patient receiving electronic activation.

The Reasons ?

We are Human, we are Analogue, we have variable  brain wave patterns, our bodies respond to the various wave patterns, digital stimulation can only get into the surface sensory nerves, the need for something to latch on and work with the variable neurological pattern was the goal.

When the Bioneuro was produced, it offered activation to the brain with it’s ability to adapt to the Brainwave Pattern, but at the same time adapted to the bodies need for manual intervention.

This made it possible for the Clinician to use Manual Therapy at the same time as the patient was receiving Electronic Activation in the form of the Bioneuro .

Because of its Uniquely,  patented technology it is capable of deep penetration to areas of the body, not normally accessible with other superficially similar systems. It bypasses the sensory nerve matrix to avoid the discomfort and pins and needles effects, so common with now out dated similar technologies, working with both the spinal and peripheral nerves.

This was great news for Neurological patients , but it also created another use for the Bioneuro.

I am first and foremost A Sports Massage practitioner voted SMA Therapist of the year 2015/16 my hands are my main tools. I specialise in injury treatment so it needs more to get people back quicker and fully mobile. to do this I use combined Neuromuscular Techniques, the Hydrotherm massage system and The Bioneuro system, this is a tool that I do use in many ways, it can be used as a diagnostic, this means that I can see the exact muscles that are not firing as people often feel pain in one area but the injury may not be in that area it is all to do with Neurotransmission. it also means it can get into deep damaged tissue that normal massage can not get into without causing further damage or pain, the Ultra sound selection is so useful for direct pinpoint treatment people come to me with muscular Soft Tissue injuries in most case's quite sever. My aim is to help everyday people get back to their lives quicker and Painfree

So what was the other use and for whom ?

This was the discovery of its affect on muscle injury, its ability to affect the muscles getting right to the root cause of the injury area.especially after sports injury pre & post surgical procedure.

In the dispersal of the build up of oedema round the injury site , allowing a therapist to massage and manipulate the injured area , to get into area’s that a therapist  would otherwise have to leave, due to hypertonicity in the muscle it would be to painful to touch.

At a time when intervention would be the best thing for the patient. With the understanding that the level of Hypertonicity is controlled by the brain, the activation from the Bioneuro could aid to reduce this factor at the same time allowing the manual manipulation from the therapist to the injured  area.


This made it a perfect tool for any Occupational or Sporting Musculoskeletal,  injury  treatment ,Back pain , Frozen shoulder or Hip pain, Knee pain in the case of Surgery it helps in the  recovery and rehabilitation,  also with  carpal tunnel  or repetitive strain injury  treatment, it also works deeper than Acupuncture, to aid clients, but at the same time it is non invasive.

The Roller is a very valuable Diagnostic tool it is used  to locate the areas of nerve dysfunction in the muscle groups of the body,  where for what ever reason the muscle group is not  firing, people call them” Hot spots,  trigger points, knots,”  what ever they are called the fact is that the Neuro messages /signals are not getting through and for muscles to function correctly, these messages need to get through.

Having the Ultrasound being part of the system is a great benefit, again unlike standard Ultrasound that can create heat, when used on a patient with an implant such as a Hip replacement.

The Bioneuro can be used as it does not create heat, also it gets in deeper with the Ultra sound system.

There are new and further developments with the Bioneuro, that interact with the body quicker, these are great developments and our clients  already are having positive reactions to this new technology

There are so many Benefits for both the Patient and the Therapist when using the Bioneuro.

These are the major benefits from the use of this  equipment for clients.

A lot of clients first worries after an injury, that is debilitating them in any way and a question they ask  is ” How long will it be till I am fit again.”

Everyone heals at different rates, so a lot of the healing time depends on them, but for Steve it is important to get people back to fitness as soon as possible. One of the most impressive things he found since using The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) is, the reduction in rehabilitation and  injury recovery time.

“Which for our clients,  in these days of financial constraints is another major feature”.

Early intervention Is essential for Trauma related injury, Reduction in the need for Pain Killing Drugs they only mask pain they do not heal. The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) works with the patients own body to help the healing process begin a lot faster, our bodies natural instinct after injury, is to heal, The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) can deliver its effective energy direct to the injured area increasing nerve and blood supply, waking up moribund nerves, regenerating nerve pathways, thereby accelerating recovery.

From : Alan

I’m a North Sea helicopter pilot and since transferring to the Augusta 139 helicopter 4 years ago, I have had pains in my neck and shoulders and have been seeing a Chiropractor over many months – and at great cost! The temporary relief I obtained rarely lasted more that 24 hours. Thankfully, I heard of Steve’s machine and I had a session combined with a shoulder and back massage. After that session I have had no further problems and no pain whatsoever, but as Steve told me because of the job I do this may come back though he thinks it will not be as bad if we act quick, if that happens I know I will be straight back to Steve . I am so impressed with what Steve and the machine were able to do and am happy to recommend his excellent services.

Hear what Alan has to say…

Bio Nuropulse Mk2 hands on

Early intervention

It is essential for Trauma related injury, Reduction in the need for Pain Killing Drugs  they only mask pain they do not heal.

The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®)  works with the patients own body to help the healing process  begin a lot faster, our bodies natural instinct after injury, is to heal,  The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) can deliver its effective energy direct to the injured area increasing nerve and blood supply, waking up moribund nerves, regenerating nerve pathways, thereby accelerating recovery.


Being a Neuromuscular Injury, Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation Therapist, Steve’s  job satisfaction comes from seeing his clients recovered, from their injuries quickly and helping them to attain the goals they want to achieve.

The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®)  is a ground breaking therapy system that allows this to happen, allowing early intervention and access to muscle injury, reducing swelling reducing pain, aiding faster rehabilitation and recovery

“We can help You get back to being the best you can be ”Free from Pain and with Unrestricted Movement !”