Ivan, Chronic injuries can still be helped just may take a little longer

Over the past few months the vital need to show good clinical outcomes has become more important than ever to lift  people up .


“We first met Ivan at the end of  2014 . He presented with a number of chronic trauma pathologies which had occurred in 2003″Ivan Buttock Muscle


He lives quite a distance away, he had continued to work and sail with his injuries, unable to come for regular treatment having quite a few other commitments, but when he did manage to get a clear week, so he could come  for treatment, we made the most of it and it truly has been paying off, yes it has been a slow and steady journey.


He presented initially with chronic hip ,lower back pathologies, his foot was rotated out of line and his right leg artificially shortened  so it was not much more than a crutch,  a number of muscles had atrophied greatly (wasted nearly away ) in his Gluteal and Lateral Rotator’s muscles his Gluteus Maximus had  atrophied so much, to the point that his hip bone was very evident and in truth he had no buttock on his right hand side, Deeper lateral Rotators had practically seized and were atrophied,  Spinal Rotator muscles and their ability to function correctly were very inhibited,   with no functional lateral Rotator,  his ability to walk (gait) was excessively limited .


His upper torso had pulled over to the right hand side to about 75 degrees,  quality of life was  very limited .


This man loved and still loves sailing and yacht racing on an international level,  to which he has a great deal of knowledge and also about  boat building his other passion.


Ivan had received numerous other interventions prior to attending our clinic with no positive  constructiveness in their outcomes


Working very hard on these muscle and nerve  pathologies, with the use of a Neuromuscular Activation system, sending frequency deep into  the body to activate nerve messengers, Motor Neurons  and Neuropeptides, has aided greatly to enhance my ability to target strategic nerves to help restore semi morbid fascia, therefore helping  to achieve a very positive clinical outcome,  allowing  activation of  the deep nerve pathways, therefore  allowing much greater muscle function ability, this is not something that could be achieved  with manual therapy  alone.


Ivan had a solid determination  to achieve, so that when we were not able to have treatment sessions, he kept up with the exercise plan, that between us we had decided was the best way for him to go.

Along with Ivan’s Physiological factors that have improved greatly and he is able to achieve a great deal more and will continue to do so. Psychologically, Ivan feels more confident and assured in his ability to move forward  with his life.

Please see the video , yes we know  Ivan is still using sticks, but in most circumstances he is down to one stick.



He can stand up  straight without dragging his right leg behind him , his posture has improved greatly, we have activated very deep muscle groups in his body, to achieve this clinical outcome so  far.


“We know there is more work to be done and will continue to work hard to improved the clinical outcome.”

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