knee replacement surgery pain relief

I recently underwent knee replacement surgery and at around four weeks post-operation, I experienced constant, debilitating pain in my hamstring extending up to my buttocks. Seeking a solution, I visited Steve, a professional who recommended the Bioneuro Therapy Sigma Q treatment. I am thrilled to share my positive experience and the remarkable relief I received from this innovative method.

Upon undergoing the Sigma Q treatment, the nerves in my hamstring were activated through gentle electrical pulse stimulation. The purpose of such treatment was to encourage the muscle to regain its normal function. I have to admit, I was initially sceptical about this method, not knowing what to expect. However, after a few sessions working on my knee, I experienced a significant reduction in pain, and to my delight, this relief has been long-lasting.

Steve’s expertise and the effectiveness of the Sigma Q treatment have truly transformed my post-surgery recovery journey. The session itself was conducted in a professional and caring manner, ensuring my comfort throughout the process. Steve took the time to explain the treatment and the potential benefits, which helped me feel at ease and confident in moving forward.

knee replacement surgery pain relief 2

Ever since the treatment, my formerly agonizing hamstring pain has been virtually non-existent. The relief I have experienced has greatly improved my overall well-being and daily activities, allowing me to focus on regaining my strength and mobility without discomfort.  A massive gain, without any pain.

I highly recommend the Sigma Q treatment provided by Steve to anyone who is seeking effective pain relief, particularly after knee surgery. The results have been truly remarkable for me, and I am incredibly grateful for Steve’s expertise and dedication to helping patients recover.

In conclusion, the Sigma Q treatment has been a game-changer in managing my post-surgery pain and enhancing my recovery process. With its ability to activate nerves through electrical pulse therapy, this treatment has proven to be highly effective in alleviating my hamstring pain. If you’re looking for a reliable, innovative and pain free treatment, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Sigma Q treatment a try.


A very satisfied customer –  Le Roy

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