Manual Therapy Adaptions

As a therapist I have been in the business since my 20’s things have changed over the years, learning to adapt and use the knowledge that I had gained with the treatment of each and every patient  I grew in confidence, taking lots of courses, but I will say only the ones that I considered were right for the direction I was going and that would truly benefit myself and my business.

I found that my thirst for knowledge was going to increase, for me  in 2007 things changed for me and I had a few decisions to make,  one was to build my business to the point that I could be solely committed  to my business and of course my patients, for me it was a no brainier, but to do this I had to be taken seriously by other medical professionals.

Knowing the anatomy, the muscles the nerves how the system’s work together,  I had been given a couple of books while in my 20’s by a radiologist, to read,  those  books set me on my path, they were  by Andrew Biel  The Trail Guide to The Body and Muscle Energy Techniques Leon Chaitow,   Leon became my hero, I bought my own copies of those  book and still have  them today and yes I still use it,  I got to meet  Leon,  now they say you should never meet your heroes as you will be disappointed, but that was not the case, he inspired me even  more , I then had the opportunity to take  a training course with John Sharkey a fantastic anatomist and Leon, that was time and money  on a course that were  the best and well spent , I thank John for taking me under his wing and  all his valued information, any of you that are considering taking a course John  is the person to go to, it will truly open your eyes .

For me  and how I treat my patients has always been, the holistic treatment of a patient, the path and affect of an injury on a patient, the network of soft tissue wrapped and protected by Fascia, how the breakdown of this incredible material can affect people how it can transport the messages around the body, how it interacts and it’s  Biotensegrity ,This is  the  structural principle that describes a relationship between every part of the organism and the mechanical system that integrates it  into a complete functional unit.

By Repairing the injured muscle, working into the superficial and deep Fascia , we can move on to Recovery, by this I mean getting the muscles working for themselves again gently coxing them back in to functional ability, getting the blood flowing back into them and releasing the tension in the muscles .getting all the body systems to work in a cohesive order .

How the body  adapts, all these things count  and it made me question  about how It could affect a patients recovery , in 2009 I bought my first Bioneuro Sigma Q  and along with the tools such as the roller and the ultrasound additions I have found it a useful tool, once again I found I had to adapt and change how I worked, I could no longer use mainly massage, it was to much of a scatter gun approach, I had to change my  techniques and adapt them to get the best out of the Sigma Q technology ,  I found I had to use a more targeted approach and use massage at the end of treatment to relax and recover for a patient, I had to use more Neuromuscular pin point targeted  techniques.

Manual Therapy Adaptions

I found  the main advantages of Sigma Q when combined with Hands on  Neuromuscular targeted techniques are.

To aid in  the  activation and restoration of a muscular skeletal injury.

By using a targeted manual compression technique  you can activate stimulation of the peripheral nerve pathways, but with the aid of the Sigma Q technology this can be achieved to a deeper level that will accelerate recovery of the inquired tissue.

Working to aid the Efferent and Afferent Neurons 

Efferent Motor Neurons will be promoted in their journey towards the muscle, therefore  allowing better and increased  muscle movement and function, while the  Afferent neurons these  are  our sensory neurons, will be promoted in their journey to  carry nerve the impulses from sensory stimuli towards our central nervous system and to the  brain,

While the  patient  is recovering  from a trauma injury, the fascinating process of  Phagocytosis takes place , again with the use of Sigma Q technology  the advantage becomes clear as it enables this process to take place faster giving the patient  quicker ability to heal, more so than would take place with manual therapy intervention alone .

In sports therapy  getting into deep tissue is difficult and a lot of muscles are hard to manipulate, especially when your working on a elite spots person,  we know there are aids to help us out there, I use a Neuromuscular activation system, to give me an advantage, but the need to really follow that injury pathway is not always open to us, that track and how things  have got held up, to unravel the damage that has been caused, you need a guide through it.

Our body provides that guide  we just need to know how to follow it how to use it and how to make it count and most of all how to enhance that connection between our hands that are our greatest tools, to  our guide, with out getting  distracted by all the other issues and mixed messages that happen when a person has an injury.

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