I had nearly ran out of ideas in what to try Hip and Knee surgery recovery, how the Bioneuro Dry System Sigma Q( ΣQ ®) can help, here in Norwich@ Getfitstayfit Norfolk The pioneer of knee replacement surgery was Leslie Gordon Percival Shiers (FRCS); his original papers were published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery in 1954. Shiers refused to patent his invention and demonstrated the operation throughout the world, inviting other surgeons to improve upon his original idea. The first knee replacement was in 1968 and the first hip replacement was in 1960. Previously other attempts on Joint replacement surgery had been made on injured soldiers. And not with any real success. How Far we have come from those days and how many Hip or Knee replacements have taken place since then Following John Charnley‘s success with hip replacement in the 1960’s attempts were made to design knee replacements.

Mark came to us ,in his words  ” Fed Up” 

He felt he was getting no where and just wanted to get on with his life again without constant pain, in his job he was constantly on the go up and down ladders and quite a bit of bending and stretching, he had a fall and landed hard , thinking he was ok no broken bones he started back at work , things did not go quite to plan.

Going to the doctors he ended up on painkilling medication that did not agree with him , he was unable to use his bike and was unable to work he was told not to bend, that in his world was going to be impossible , his back hips and knees were all suffering.

Using Neuromuscular Injury Techniques with the aid of the Bioneuro we were able to get Mark not only back on his bike , but back to work. 

Hi Steve ,

It’s Mark from Acle just to say thanks for all what you have done after just two sessions on your Bioneuro system I am pain free in my back and knee after having pain for nearly a year . I had nearly ran out of ideas in what to try after being told by the medical profession to stop bending down!. I can’t believe it has only been two weeks and I’m looking forward to going back to work and back on my bike .Many thanks again and I will be highly recommending you to friends and family.

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