Since Jacqui had damage to her knee and had to have a knee replacement, back in 2010, I have had a great deal of interest in knee pathologies and how to help with knee pain Then an opportunity to go to the University of Dundee at their Department of Anatomy to find out a whole lot more, on a Body Dissection Course, the main focus of the course being on being BioTensegrity, Genetics,Kinetics and Synergetics , with one of the best Human Anatomist, John Sharkey of the NTC in Dublin was to good an opportunity to miss.

Patient X attended my clinic for 2nd Session  “Preparation Marathon for 2017.”

It may be the Festive season, but when you are in training for a Marathon you still have to do that training , you have to keep on top of things that also means no overdoing the festive treats.

There are a lot of things to be considered when training in the winter time Warming up it is even more important in winter, Cold Muscles do not work well.

The Immune system needs a boost,  unfortunately  because when you are running you are pushing your body to do more than it wants ,  the body is working hard  having to repair itself more, you are using more of your vitamins and nutrients on that  repair work,  that it increases the chance of  you being more open to cold and flu infections.

You need to increase your Vitamin C, Zinc , Vitamin D3 and Calcium , as with the winter weather there is less chance to boost Vitamin D3 with sunlight, but we will talk more about that as we go through the next few weeks.

London Marathon 2012

Week 2

The second treatment session for Patient X took place on rest period day from training . Wanting to ensure good motor neuron function in the feet we concentrated the Bioneuro Sigma Q  treatment with Pads on the feet.

A very interesting observation on this mornings intervention was presented with a excessively hyper-tonic calf muscles/shin splints  on the left leg . Dorsi flexion and Plantar flexion actions appeared  slightly impaired .Following treatment we had total pain free movement and were able to continue with the days work.

Severe Pain Across Lower Back And Down Both Legs

Today we also proved that the “Deep Peroneal nerve  can be activated and movement improved  with   Bioneuro Sigma Q. 

This weeks running has been great.

2x 5mile pace runs.

1x 10 mile steady and

1x 5 mile easy.

Both the pace runs went well. Ran them at night.  Both finishing strong with fastest mile being the last one.  Second one was in new location which always helps as its always good to change the scenery.

My ten miler was in Xmas Eve. Decided to mix it up so I ran to my local Park Run (3.5 miles away) completed that before running home after. Obviously didn’t go flat out at PR due to the need to retain some energy for the – mainly uphill – return route.

Anyway my average time was nearly s minute per mile under my marathon target pace which is great. Again finishing with a good last mile.

Next run was an easy 5 mile, taking it steady and not pushing it.  Still kept under target pace though.

All in all 4 really good runs. On target with just over 100 days til race day.

My hope of getting under 4 hours is looking good – today at least.

My PB of 4:01 is there to be beat!

HNY Steve and thanks for looking after me.

After yesterday’s session I have no aches and pains. My shin splints which were very painful after the last run, seem to have calmed down since the Bioneuro treatment.

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