The dreaded DOMs

Following returning home from being in charge of the Sports Massage at the London Marathon, I felt I should blog about DOMS or its other name “muscle fever”.

DOMS felt most often 24/7 2 hours after strenuous exercise.

Even though DOMS is relatively common, very little is known about the mechanism of the injury. The damage caused by muscle-lengthening—the kind that happens in downhill running, when your arm descends during a bicep curl, or during the lowering phase of a push-up, for example whilst in the gym.

Research shows that the build up of Lactic acid does not directly cause DOMS .This is because as humans do not hold enough hydrogen ions to produce lactic or any other acid.

The muscles concerned are often hyper-tonic “chronic contraction that results in a shortened, tight muscle.”

Sports Massage stimulates the receptors in the skin that respond to mechanical pressure or distortion by massage. This will reduce pain in turn and aid in restoration.

Here at Getfitstay Norfolk we use “The Bioneuro Dry Therapy System (∑Q®)” developed by Dr Roberto Ciaff. This is an excellent and vital tool, when Combine with Sports Massage. Works deeply into the body via the Central and Peripheral nervous systems. This device helps greatly to increase circulation and increase the speed of recovery.


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