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Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic

Get the elusive "Feel Good Factor

Benefit from Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation Therapy after injury!

We can help you to deal with all your physical, physiological & psychological demands!

Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation therapy is for everyone it can and will help you!

Getfitstayfit Norfolk, is a Sports and Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic based in Norwich Norfolk

We treat People with Injuries From Sports to Occupational, any Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries. from Painful Back Injury, Frozen Shoulder or Neck Injury, Hip or Knee Injury, to Recovery and Rehabilitation from Hip or Knee surgery. 

“If it is due to Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries we are here to help.” 

This means for everyone and anyone, not just Sports Men and Women, we all risk the chance of Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries, at some point in our lives, if we have an injury it can and will affect all aspects of our life, from our work to our family life, people need to get back to health sooner rather than later and without help, this can take a longer time period. 

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We use cutting edge equipment 

This is currently being used in Spinal units to aid their patients “The Hydrotherm Massage therapy bed,” this means that when clients come to us in pain, they can be in comfort on a hot water massage bed, that will allow them to lie on their back with no pressure on the painful area and without having to keep changing position we also have the “Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ)®“. 

Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q

We offer this unique cutting edge technology, along with Neuromuscular  Injury Therapy Treatment, to my clients here in Norwich. to help with early intervention and promote quicker recovery from injury, to get them back as quick as possible, helping people get back into work or being able to being back to, mum or dad, to get back to doing the things they love with Pain Free Movement See our Treatment Room page for more information. 

We also deal with Chronic pain and Pain Management when a person is suffering in this way, their Physical ,Physiological and Psychological welfare needs to be enhanced to aid the Speed of recovery, no one wants to spend all their time having to take Pain Killing Medication, so if it can be reduced then it is a bonus.

Your health and well being are essential to you and your family, we all need to feel fit and well and pain can hold us back in our working and family life

“We are there for our clients at their point of their need, that is what makes Getfitstayfit Norfolk different.”

Why Sports Injury Therapy

Sports Injury Therapy works deeper into the muscle, it helps for quicker recovery from Musculoskeletal  Injuries, it is Hands on. As a Sports Injury, Massage and Neuromuscular  Injury therapist since 1991, I have learnt that you have to work with the body, you can feel where the injury area is, you have to be able to manipulate around the injury area Sports Injury Therapy can benefit everyone see Our Services for More information also About our Business Page

We may find that neither he, or his other party ministers understand the difference, and that we have been categorising ourselves unnecessarily, because of a word. Please do not misunderstand me, I have agreed and adhered to the rules, but I do feel that this is now a matter of confusion, because of how we define our businesses. I am not a Massage Therapist, I use massage as part of the treatment process for my patients, I am a Neuromuscular Injury Therapist and I have worked hard to achieve this. I work with and Consultants, GPs Neurologist, Orthopaedic Consultants, I have had the privilege of being trained by an incredible Anatomist , I am able to discuss and receive advice in what I am achieving for my patients, with some very well respected consultants , I deal with injuries and long term rehabilitation, I have worked with people across the social spectrum from elite athletes to elderly folk, that have had hip or knee surgery and find they struggled with the exercises given to them by the physiotherapist and they need a more hands on approach and support, People Do Not come to me, for a Relaxing Massage or a Happy Ending, I do not run that kind of establishment, I treat patients that need my help with trauma related pathologies and injury prevention.

No one wants to be in pain

Or to have to take pain killers for a long time, be  unable to work and get on with their day to day life. They don’t want to wait up to 15 weeks down the line to see a physiotherapist, while their injury is getting worse and restricting them.

Pain killers

A Word From Steve

“In my early 20’s I suffered a serious illness, before I set up my business, my life had changed, but I was not going to let it hold me back, I started studying and the experience I have had, has now helped me to aid people with Neuromusculoskeletal injuries, I know it is hard when you are ill or in pain with injury, to move forward, but I also know that with treatment and a workable rehabilitation and recovery programme, along with plenty of encouragement you can do just that, I will help a client recover and for them to be the best that they can.”

Here is just one of our testimonials, from our clients

I visited Steve when with Chronic back pain after an injury and being knocked off my motorbike by a car. I was at my wits end and on so much medication I was finding it hard to function or run my business effectively. Being a father of two young boys and a husband only made it harder to maintain any quality of life.

I had seen many therapists before Steve and was recommended to him from one of my clients that spoke highly of his skills. Upon arrival I really noticed the extra time that Steve spent taking about not only my pain but how it had effected my well being. I started a course of treatment and although having a herniated disc and trapped nerve and awaiting a spinal injection, I was helped along in my pain management and posture as well, as having some weekly pain relief too.

Steve takes around 45 mins to an hour treating you and so although not cheap you never feel rushed and defiantly notice the difference in the human kindness of his and his wife’s. He is a true professional and above all an honest, decent and kind man.

I felt like I had therapy not only on my back but on my mind too.

My back pain is now under control thank God but if it returns I will defiantly be paying Steve a visit again. There are many Charlatans out there willing to take your money for 10 minutes work but I would defiantly say that Steve stands out and shines brighter than any of those I have used before and I have used a lot.

Keep up the good work.

All the best,