Talking with Steve I was soon convinced to make the journey. Southampton to Norwich is a long way, but it has been worth every single mile. Having had about half a dozen sessions, I am a bit of an old Croc ,freedom of movement is returning also standing straighter , and even doing the dreaded shoelaces up has become easier.Thanks Steve
Claire was walking & moving more upright and freely than I have seen in a very, very long time…..  and PAIN FREE and all of this after only 2 Bioneuro Therapy System Treatments what an incredible result !!
Wendy, Claire’s mum.
To go from severe pain to completely pain free training in just one session pushes the boundaries of what I thought possible, especially considering the severity of my injuries. Thanks to Steve Kirby and the Bioneuro Sigma-Q & Hydrotherm Massage system, I can stay fit for life.
After so many years living with the pain and discomfort I am finally reaching a point where I can get a good nights sleep and the improvement in my back movement has been excellent.

I can thoroughly recommend Steve as I am delighted with the results I have had.

I must admit I was a bit nervous putting my feet into a bucket of  water with electrodes in, but again you made me feel at ease, it was a strange sensation as the current worked its way and magic up from my toes. No pain, but could really feel it pushing my heels up, working the damaged muscles.After the sessions where complete you had not only repaired the Physical, but just as important I was mentally ready, I was “buzzing” ready to take it slowly and get back on track.


When my knee started giving me a considerable amount of pain I when to my GP and was told a knee replacement was necessary, as an active person I knew I had to keep on top of this as I try to avoid pain killers as much as possible.
Ivan Buttock Muscle
Wendy Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
The Shoulder is where the humours (upper arm bone) meets the scapula (shoulder blade) It is a shallow joint to allow more flexibility of movement, but it also means it can be more prone to injury and dislocation along with nerve entrapment . This is a joint injury that can be ,especially, devastating and totally debilitating, it can easily cause distribution to other structural and biological functions around it .
Guy Upper, Lower Back & Shoulder Pain
Stuy Sprained Calf
Jackie Excessive Knee Pain
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