Restricted Movement

Dennis fell and landed badly on his shoulder suffering constant pain and restricted movement .

Dennis is of mature years and like many of his age group, is a stalwart and believes in getting on with things , but on Boxing day 2011 he had a very nasty accident .

Dennis fell and landed badly on his shoulder,  he went to his Doctor at the time and was given pain medication and told is was muscular, he was in constant pain with it and it steadily got worse and restricted his movement .

He saw our advert in our local Village book , he decided he would come and see if we could help him, So with the use of  Bioneuro Therapy System  to get into the very restricted area, and gentle Neuromuscular Therapy  Techniques  to release tight muscles, after only 3 sessions he had full movement  in his painful shoulder he is a very happy man.

As we have always said what we do here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk  is not just for Sports people although we do treat quite a few , it is for everyone with and injury, from a Painful back to a repetitive strain we are here to Help You Be The Best You Can , to reduce pain and help you have better movement.

Don’t be Restricted get uplifted and give us a call.

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