Back & Shoulder Pain Recovery With Getfitstayfit Norfolk

After more than six months of increasing pain in my shoulder, I could ignore it no longer.

New to the area and not knowing whom to turn to, I found ‘Getfitstayfit Norfolk in the Village Directory. At nearly 65, overweight and unfit, I was the opposite of what I imagined Steve’s usual clients to be! However, after an initial chat on the phone, Steve put my mind at rest and his willingness to help anyone in pain was recommendation enough.

 After 4 treatments with the Bioneuro Therapy System, life is almost back to normal. My shoulder is virtually pain free, the increase in range of movement means “I can dress myself again. Doing up a bra with a painful shoulder is not easy!  I can turn over in bed without being in agony.”


The system is unique – you can really feel it working and, coupled with massage, it has really given me a new lease of life. I would thoroughly recommend Steve and his treatments to anyone

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