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Joy Gower  has a very busy schedule,   as a well respected Therapist and trainer in  Hypnotherapy and as an NLP Coach, while  also  being there for  her own clients , so when an injury  caused her problems she was not very happy , that she may be letting others down . She needed to get her leg sorted out quickly  when she contacted me.

I admire Joys work and the responsibility she has to her clients, so  I was glad to have been of help to Joy, to get her restored ,out of pain and  back to normal as quick as possible , so she could get on with helping her clients with their lives ,

Hi Steve

Thought you might like an update on my leg! I have been doing really well considering that two weeks ago I could barely walk without a walking stick, and was in pain most of the time. I am now walking well again, even taking the dog out again, and no walking stick at all. Even back in my high heels too! I am taking it carefully though, as I get a few twinges now and then but nothing to worry about. I would certainly come back to you again if I had any more problems. It is quite amazing that I recovered so quickly as I am no spring chicken, but would have hated to have any medication as I don’t like masking potential problems. I feel sure that had I seen a specialist I would have been encouraged to have my knee operated on. I would say to anyone with an injury that they should see you first to see what you can do before considering surgery or strong medication, they might find such good results, there is no need for painkillers or surgery.

I am happy for you to use this as a testimonial.

Joy Gower

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