Cyclist Injury, Recovery Helped By Getfitstayfit Norfolk

My name is Steve; I am 37. As a kid, I was a keen cyclist but life got in the way of that and I didn’t pedal for years.

On moving to Norwich 18 months or so ago, I had decided to make sure that I got back on top of my running and cycling and set myself some goals to achieve. 

Unfortunately, one day on the bike I came off it, landing on my side fairly heavily.

For a couple of weeks, I didn’t feel much other than my ribs being sore from the impact. However, after that I was in real trouble. For some time, I was unable to move freely without spasms in my lower torso which were enough to bring me to my knees.

I sought treatment from various sources which provided temporary relief but the pain always returned.

 A sedentary office job and walking large dogs that pull on the lead only served to reinforce the rot.  And cycling doesn’t exactly help back pain

On yet another flare-up, Steve was recommended to me. I liked Steve’s ethos of just wanting to get people fixed as quickly as possible and, true to his word, after a mere three sessions with the Bioneuro Sigma Q Therapy System and the improvement is remarkable. I can move more freely day-to-day; I can ride the bike hard;

I can even touch my toes! The pain is gone and the mobility has returned.

I can’t recommend the treatment enough.  

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