I was born with scoliosis and had a Spinal Fusion at three years old. The operation worked very well up until the age of around 20 when I started to notice lower back pain. This increased over the years leaving me struggling with chronic pain. I tried various things like epidural and nerve root injections but nothing seemed to work. In June 2016 I underwent surgery to correct the curve in my spine, taking a piece out and replacing it with a metal cage as well as two metal rods either side for support. Unfortunately during the operation The surgeon caught my spinal cord leaving me in Spinal Shock and temporally paralysed from the waist down, but within days I started being able to move my legs very slightly but I was unable to move my toes or my feet.

Shoulder Injury can be one of the most major  musculoskeletal problems.

At some point in our lives we will have  a Shoulder problems including  pain, this is one of the more common reasons for visits to the Doctor it is one of the major musculoskeletal problems.

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. And it does a lot of work,  However, it is an unstable joint because of the range of motion allowed. This instability increases the likelihood of joint injury, often leading to a degenerative process in which tissues break down and no longer function well. This in itself is problem enough as it will create repetitive problems, but what if because of your job you were putting your shoulder under a lot more stress and a  higher risk of damage, than an average person.

Vibration related injury is especially prevalent in occupations that require outdoor work, such as forestry, farming, transportation, shipping, and construction and  people who do a great degree of work with certain tools, like drills, jackhammers and other road work or heavy plant  equipment can have specific injuries

The other category is from certain types of vehicles,  that affect people such as  Soldiers in tanks and heavy weapons vehicles and also Helicopter Pilots , their injuries are caused by repetitive vibration. Many workers do not think that their exposure to vibration could be a health hazard they don’t often even realise that this is the case, because they have not lifted anything heavy or nothing out of the ordinary for them.

It is only when they end up with the therapist in pain  with injuries that would normally be associated with violent  impact they have let  go on for so long. Vibration exposure is more than just a nuisance and constant exposure to vibration has been known to cause serious health problems from back and neck pain  to vascular disorders, they have may even have  a shoulder dislocation or Separated shoulder that is when they realise what has been happening to them. This is a result from extended periods of contact between a worker and the vibrating surface.  The possible health effects of chronic Whole- Body vibration and Hand and Arm vibration That is becoming more so common these days as an occupational injury are ;

Back pain

Hand and Arm Vibration:

Decreased grip strength

Decreased hand sensation and dexterity

Finger blanching or “white finger” this is a secondary form of Raynaud’s syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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