4 March, 2012 – 08:26 — Alex B Testimonial

 As well as being a web developer, I’m also a Special Constable for my local force. A few years back I injured my back on duty, and went to see Steve Kirby of Getfitstayfit Norfolk about it, who treated me with massages but also with the Bioneuro Dry Therapy System Sigma Q (∑Q)®   which basically shocks your muscles into a workout as well as getting deeper than a normal massage can. After I had been on this a fair few times I could feel the difference quite significantly!

Being sat at a computer most the day building websites did start to cause a bit of a nuisance to my lower back again especially the Latismus Dorsi muscle which was where I caused the injury.

So I decided on keeping active by going to the gym nearly everyday, sometimes before starting work, lunchtime or in the evenings. As well as this I started personal training sessions (8 a month). Since taking on all this exercise, I have lost a lot of weight (12KG) and gained lots of strength and muscle, but in doing this I have caused more strain on my lower back again.

After I finished my training session on Thursday evening, I could certainly feel a twinge again in my lower back, and didn’t want to cause any more lower back issues or injure myself any more; The previous night I had been out with friends clubbing, and I felt pain in my lower back as well as my hamstring feeling tight, which got worse during my personal training session. As I was concerned about this I thought that I had to been seen to by my Sports Therapist and friend Steve Kirby. so I made the 3 hour drive to Norfolk, and he put me on the system which really worked on my lower back, and I could really feel it working deep on the muscle, as well as this my hamstring was loosening up as it was really tight, and after the session I felt lighter on my feet and able to move more easily.

I would highly recommend Steve and his services to anyone; some of the people and their problems he has treated is beyond amazing.

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