Testimonial from a Norwich Post lady

I’m a post lady and an active sports lady which I have never not once had a problem with my back, but to my surprise I woke up about a month ago with aches and pains where my muscles just went into a spasm I dint knows what to do so I went to the doctor and he recommended me to go and see a sports therapist.”I thought to myself if I don’t do something about it now then I will have problems for the rest of my life”
So I searched that day ,Steve came up so I rang straight away and spoke to his lovely wife who made an appointment  to see him the next day.”I must admit I didn’t know what to expect but that was the best decision I done” because I have seen Steve now twice in a month which I have had the Bioneuro Sigma Q Dry Therapy Sigma Q (∑Q)® System put on my back muscles. All I can say is that my back is ten times better now and I will keep seeing Steve because of my job!
I will highly recommended Steve now to anyone!

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