Whiplash Injury Wryneck

“Please can you help me I’ve got a pain in the neck and could do with your help “

We had a phone call from Michael saying. ”Please can you help me I’ve got a pain in the neck and could do with your help “.  This was certainly a Slight understatement!  as we found out to our surprise a day or so later we met Michael.

Whiplash Injury Wryneck

There was this tall man, with his head on his left hand shoulder, a position he had be forced to get use too.

“His neck was locked in this position.”


Michael explained that 15yrs ago he had suffered a serious road accident, resulting in whiplash, a condition known as “Wryneck”. 

His GP had referred him for physiotherapy, but the treatment he received had no positive effect and he was discharged after a short period of time, he had suffered discomfort all these years.

Being a builder this also caused problems with physical abilities, he was not able to do all the work he needed to do and was in constant pain.

We started work with The Bioneuro Dry system SigmaQ (∑Q)® to try some release techniques .

Because  it works deeply into the peripheral nervous system   opening up blocked pathways helping better nerve function and blood supply to muscles increases quicker repair of injuries .allowing me to begin,  working on the upper back muscles leading into the neck.

Combining Neuromuscular Techniques with Sports Injury Therapy Massage. we began to see results.

Chronic Whiplash

Injury of any type can make people inward looking. Seeing this man rise and his self worth increase is always a part of my job satisfaction. 

No pain killer medication needed. Michael can now hold his head high. His dad is so pleased he can see his son back to normal. 

Michael said.

“This has been the best year I’ve had in years, since the accident “.

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