Testimonial from Marcus & Rachel


Marcus and I wanted to drop you a testimonial about our experiences with our treatment/therapy.

I have known Steve for over a year now and haven’t had to require your services – so to speak! However, the moment came about 1 month ago when I managed to pick up a horrid cold which led to me coughing and sneezing and unfortunately putting my back out. The real worrying issue being I was due to go away for the weekend in London with Marcus and the pain was causing me to be in so much pain, even in bed laying still it would be excruciating.

I called Steve up on the Friday morning and he fitted me in 8pm that evening so I could have some therapy before going to London the next day.

Although Steve provides sports massage therapy to clients – he was unable to massage me due to my cold – which would have moved the germ around my body and made me feel worse. So, he hooked me up to his Bioneuro Dry Therapy System which is essentially some pads which he applies to the affected area and the equipment gently manipulates the area to stimulate blood flow again – thereby easing pain.

I did feel better and managed to enjoy my trip to London. I went back to Steve the following week and had the sports massage to back up the dry treatment and I have to say, I feel incredible now. Steve’s always thinking about the best way forward for his clients and is interested in the individual and supporting their treatment and good health after therapy with suggestions of exercises at home to strengthen the weaker areas treated.

It is fair to say years of carrying a laptop and various heavy bags for work have not led to a particularly strong back. And as a result this has led to weakness in my lower back, also sitting on a desk job all day has not helped either. But going forward I feel I have the tools to help me get back on track and if I do have any issues in future, Steve will be the first person I consult regarding the health of my back and joints.

Whilst visiting Steve for treatment my husband Marcus has had a poorly neck for about 6-8 weeks following a whiplash injury. Marcus initially had sports massage therapy followed a week later with Bioneuro Dry Therapy System. Movement is much freer now and as a result he is able to move his neck with much more flexibility and very little stiffness/pain now. Once again, exercises to back up the treatment have certainly helped too. Marcus runs his own Garage business which as a mechanical engineer means most of his work is on cold floors or in a pit looking up at the bottom of cars, vans and trucks. Hence, the neck injury was not only causing him pain on a daily basis but was affecting his ability to do his day to day work – which when you work for yourself is very difficult – as you know Steve!

We cannot thank you enough for the treatment and care you have given us both over the past month. Everyone we meet who happen to mention twinges in their back, legs, neck have been recommended to you – and I hope you gain business from these introductions.

Rach & Marcus. x

Needed to be fit for a trip to London

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