Achilles Tendon

Nick came to see us regarding business , but Steve noticed he was having problems with his foot .

After talking to Nick about the worries Nick had about being on Tramadol. And his job being one where he had to drive all over Norfolk  to see clients., Steve also arranged that he come to see us to have treatment. Which he did  Steve put Nick on the Bioneuro System Sigma Q(∑Q®). Nick has had a couple of treatments, with Getfitstayfit Norfolk and one of the comments he made was

“As I got out of my car to put my foot down I braced myself for the Pain, but it did not happen”,

He was so surprised to be out of pain . Nick has continued to improve and has not had any setbacks.

Steve, thank you for the treatment you have given me recently. As you know, I had pretty much exhausted all the ideas my GP had had. I didn’t think, at 48, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life on Tramadol. Your Bioneuro System Sigma Q(∑Q®). has rejuvenated my ankle and I am getting more movement and flexibility than I have had for years. Anyone who has lost hope with the conventional “treatment” offered by the NHS should give Get Fit Stay Fit a try. I cannot recommend your services highly enough.

Many Thanks


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