Rotator Cuff Injury

Brian is a great guy he has been athletic all his life doing weights, swimming and water skiing and many more activities to keep fit.

His age has not slowed him down or taken away his drive to stay fit, he has not had any real problems with his joints, he is the kind of guy who hates for things to slow him down, so you can imagine how he felt when he needed to be on top form and  he sustained a shoulder injury, so was not able to be at his best.

Brian had damaged his Rotator Cuff in  his  shoulder, after a week of being in pain and finding his movement becoming more and more  restricted he went to his Doctor to see what could be done , the Doctor recommended a Cortisone injection , Brian was hesitant as it is an invasive procedure and can be painful in its self.

His Doctor told him to think about it, but booked him in for the injection for the following week, during this thinking time, he met up with Steve and told him about what had happened, Steve explained how he may be able to help and could see him later that day, encouraged by his closest friend Betty, to try something other than the injection Brian came to see Steve.

 He was put on the Bioneuro Dry System Sigma Q (∑Q®) that was able to get into the injured area and stimulate and aid in the healing  process  immediately,  the result was quite impressive, Brian felt the difference  straight away he went to see his Doctor to show him the results and to cancel the injection.

Brian said “ His Doctor was impressed and acknowledged the fact that the treatment Brain had received had made a big differencehe  agreed that Brain would not need the Cortisone injection.”

Then with a follow up session just to make sure all was going well, Brian was able to get back to his normal self and is glad that for him a Cortisone injection is not the only answer.


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