Recovery and Rehabilitation after Knee Surgery In Norwich

I have recently undergone knee surgery on my meniscus.

Prior to my operation Steve successfully diagnosed me with a meniscus tear, this is after my doctor told me I had an MCL tear. Steve suggested I went back to see my doctor again and asked for her to look again, Steve was correct my doctor told me that in fact I did have a meniscus tear.

All thoughts of me carrying on my normal life were in question ( I am a martial arts instructor and also dance for a premier dance event in Norwich, Pams house). With the Bioneuro Sigma Q(ΣQ)® Dry Therapy system a medical credited system.

 I have continued my life as normal attending the gym, push-bike riding, martial arts, etc. I have to credit Steve and the work he has done to keep me going. To the point that I was at the gym on the day of surgery 2 hours before. My surgeon told me before the operation my knee looks in excellent condition, all ligaments and muscle structure were perfect. after the operation again my surgeon visited me and told me “The physio you have be having before this operation has set you up for a very quick recovery.

I am very pleased and it looks like all of your hard work along side your physio (Steve) has paid off you will heal much quicker now.” I am now 2 weeks removed from surgery and again am very much looking forward to returning to my normal active lifestyle and with Steve’s support I know I will. In closing I would like to mention that the physio offered to me by the NHS told me  that “If you are  seeing Steve then he will be able to offer you much better rehabilitation than we ever could.” What more could I want

I so happy I found Steve and Getfitstayfit Norfolk. Now I Steve will be getting Brett back to being able to do his Jujisu after his knee surgerycan look forward to a successful return to full fitness.

Below a video of what  Brett has to say now he is fully recovered.


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