In Pain for Months, Helped Back By Getfitstayfit Norfolk.

Trapped Nerve and Planter Fasciitis.

Hi Steve,

I came to see you  hoping for some relief of the symptoms of a trapped nerve and planter fasciitis.

For at least 6 months I have suffered with the planter fascia and the pain has got worse and worse until I was only able to walk in high heels.

Then with a trapped nerve  somewhere in my shoulder. That I  have received treatment from a physiotherapist on the NHS for , but sadly no response to the treatment, or indeed a diagnosis. The pain which spread from the shoulder/neck into my head, arm, chest and back. and with the problem in my foot I was getting worn out.
You were recommended to me and I came to you for treatment. After two hours of treatment on your machine and wonderful (albeit slightly uncomfortable at times) Sports massage, I left feeling very relaxed. Then this morning!!!! I have just had the best night sleep I have had for years not months and my shoulder feels so much easier. I got out of bed prepared to limp to the bathroom and found I could walk on my foot!!

“OK so I slept right through the alarm the following day and was late for work but hey ho!!  I honestly had no idea how bad I was feeling until I felt so much better today than I have in a long time.
I am not yet pain free but after my session next week I hope to be!! AND all cheaper than the excess on our private health insurance!!
Stevie xx

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