Muscular Related Injury

We are dealing with muscular related injuries on a regular basis from back and shoulder injuries to hip and knee injuries.

Today on the news we were told about the new Government scheme called Fit For Work.

They say “Sick leave leads to long-term absence from work in too many cases, the government says. It hopes a new scheme will get people off benefits and back to work much more quickly. But will it work, and will it be fair?”.

This is one of the questions asked toady as the government is looking at the Fit for work scheme, this is the link to the BBC Report

One remark made by Dame Carol Black Adviser on Health and Work was “If you have been out of work for 20 weeks then you have a very low chance of returning to your own job”

It is difficult for people with injury sometimes to get back to work due to muscular issues and sometimes the medication they are put on to help with the pain.can cause a problem. Here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk we are having great results getting people back and feeling the Freedom of Pain.

“The Multifidus is a very deep muscle in the human body and an excessively hard muscle to work on manually, but with treating Trevor with The Bioneuro Sigma Q, a piece of equipment that uses electrical frequency and can reach into deep muscles without being invasive, at the same time aiding neurotransmitters and blood supply to the area.”

We can help with Muscular Skeletal  issues Repetitive Strain issues  also with Stress issues. All these things can cause long term problems leading to more time off work that we want to have. It is not always people who work in mainly manual related jobs that have issues with Back Pain.

To do this people, after the initial  trauma related  injury,  have to get back moving and exercising, but what holds people  back from doing this is pain, with muscular pain that  often comes from very tight/ hyper-tonic muscles, due to scar tissue created  after the injury , this in turn can prevent full rehabilitation, this is a cycle that  needs to be broken down, so people can move pain free.

Here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk  we believe early intervention with massage and the equipment that we use,  have extremely good results.

We are dealing with muscular related injuries on a regular basis from back and shoulder injuries to hip and knee injuries. We are getting people back quicker, fitter and able to return to work, in a shorter time,

We also deal with a maintenance  and rehabilitation program so they don’t end up in the same situation again.

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