London Marathon 2012

Last year Getfitstayfit Norfolk looked after some of the runners of the London Marathon 2012, with a fantastic team of other therapist.

This year we had the pleasure of looking after two fantastic guys, Marcus and Kirk both running for Cancer charities. Kirk is our own  local,  Braydeston5k run original organiser, most people know Kirks story and all the reasons he has done the Braydeston 5K, but this year he also wanted to do the London Marathon ,despite the fact that  unfortunately he also had to have knee surgery and doing the Braydeston 5k run was in doubt let alone running the London Marathon, but still he was determined to do both.

This is where Getfitstayfit Norfolk came in to Kirk’s life we started looking after him just before the Braydeston 5k last year and continued to look after him throughout this year up to and after the London Marathon.

We treated Kirk with the Bioneuro Therapy System and Neuromuscular Injury Techniques, to help keep his muscles flexible, Kirk ran both the Braydeston 5k then he went on to run the London Marathon in a fantastic time.

Kirk came back to us on the Monday and despite the run he had just done  his muscle tone was excellent with no sign of problems that a lot of runners suffer. We must admit  we were expecting some, but after a treatment session he felt great.

Kirk has written his own blog on his day follow the link to have a read for those of you considering a Marathon run or you want to understand how they do it  it is a great read.

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