What makes Getfitstayfit Norfolk Different

A question that I have been asked ,and no doubt will be asked again is

“What makes Getfitstayfit Norfolk different from others “

As an Injury Clinic first and foremost, the people I treat come to me with an injury.

Be it Sports or Occupational, Injuries, not necessarily for a basic  massage, although we do use, Sports & Remedial massage, as part of the treatment.

I am a Neuromuscular Injury Therapist,  I use all the necessary Techniques in Sports Injury Therapy Treatment 

What my patients want  is to not be in pain, or have to take pain killers ,getting higher dosages making them unable to work or get on with their day to day life.

They don’t want to wait up to 12-18 weeks down the line to see a physiotherapist, while their injury is getting worse and restricting them.

What they need is someone to help immediately , understand their situation, listen to them about what is wrong,  take action to alleviate the problem and get them back to being themselves again.

“We are there for our clients at their point of need, that is what makes Getfitstayfit Norfolk different.” 

Folks I have read a lot of comments in reference to Sports Massage Therapist, or Soft Tissue Therapist not being able to open just yet . In all my 30 years of being a therapist I have never known so many of my colleague’s to be so despondent and under valued and it saddens me, because I know how much work they do

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