Shoulder Injury, Getfitstayfit Norfolk Helped Malcolm

Malcolm came to Getfitstayfit Norfolk for his 1st appointment back in January . At the time he was in a lot of pain and discomfort, in his Arm, Elbow and Shoulder after an accident.

His Arm was locking at the Elbow and he was having difficulty straightening and raising it, this in his profession as a Plasterer, was a major problem, also as a motorcyclist he was now unable to ride his motorbike. We had to get him fit and maintain him staying fit, so he could continue with his work.

How we achieve this in only 3 sessions ??

See Malcolm’s powerful  story. How with the help of Steve Kirby using Sports Massage and The Bioneuro Therapy System. We got Malcolm back to his being the best he could, looking forward to riding his bike again and getting on with his working life.


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