Necrotic Tissue Injury

Patricia came to us with a few problems, regarding her walking “Her Gait”, her Feet, also with her Lower Back ,

She also had problems getting up from a sitting position to standing , she also had had several falls , but one problem she did have was due to a fall ,that went on to cause  “Necrotic Tissue Injury “ this is a form of Degloving, due to her falling on to a three pin  plug and it sticking completely into her leg.  In older people it takes a lot longer to heal that younger people, Patricia’s leg had been left with a very large dark brown area with no nerve sensation in the area , this had not improved for almost twelve years.

Since using the Bioneuro Therapy System on her,  We are now seeing great improvements with Patricia and the change in the skin colour it is now going pink she is also now regaining the feeling of sensation in her leg in the area of her leg that had been damaged is just one of them.

We know that it will take time and a lot of work on our part and Patricia’s, we do know we will get her a lot fitter with a lot more movement and further regeneration.

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