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Ian came to Getfitstayfit Norfolk on advice of one of his friends, Ian loves his Running and Cycling , he had worked so hard to achieve already, but then to suffer injuries were a major setback for him  and he took pretty hard, as he wanted to do the London Duathlon again in 2013.

 He really did not think I could help him , on first meeting this very reluctant and very down man,  I knew I had to get him back he was going to be a challenge, but seeing how well he is doing now it was well worth it.

Hi Steve,

I felt the need to thank you for your continued help in with your treatment of my calf and Achilles injuries and now with your help with my continued maintenance.

Hi Steve, I felt the need to thank you for your continued help in with your treatment of my calf and Achilles injuries and now with your help with my continued maintenance.

“As you know I first came to you with the opinion I would never run again due to constant pain in my Achilles  and Calves.”

This was also making me very depressed, due to not being able to run and not fully understanding why I was getting constant injuries.

My treatment started with the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q(ΣQ)® which instantly gave relief to the problem areas and meant I could slowly ease back in to light training, after a few sessions on the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q(ΣQ)® you thought it would be a good idea to combine the treatment with Neuromuscular Release Techniques  which included stretching my ITB, this combination therapy made a huge difference and I was soon back to regular running and cycling and with the ongoing maintenance

The morning of the 8th September 2013 was a beautiful morning, we at Getfitstayfit Norfolk had been looking forward to the day. It was the day of The Braydeston 5K Fun Run , this is an even organised by Kirk Wilson in aid of Cancer Research, we are happy to be one of the sponsors , working at the run with Pre & Post Massage, we had quite a few people take up the offer of both.

“I am now back to my best and getting close to hitting my 5K PB and I’m training for a Marathon in October and a 154 mile 1 day endurance cycle challenge in June.”

Thanks again and see you soon Ian.

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