Shoulder Injury For Years

Chris, a plumber of  had carried a serious shoulder injury for number of years during his working life.

He had searched all different avenues, to find relief and try and regain full physical ability again, for his shoulder.

The effects of a long term chronic physical pain brought special challenges to Chris in his working and social life.

Chronic rotator cuff tear begins with a small injury, which causes inflammation of the sacks which lubricate the shoulder joint (bursitis).

With repeated injury, this may progress to inflammation of the tendon component of the rotator cuff (rotator cuff tendinitis).

Eventually to a tear in the rotator cuff itself, which is associated with pain, decreased range of motion of the shoulder and arm, and resulting weakness and a withering away of the shoulder muscle, he had suffered from a neuropathology/deep somatic/nociceptive pain.

This had turned a memory of the pain being formed.

“This is was pain! Dull, aching, sickening poorly-localized pain on a daily basis.”

Chris came for a treatment ,to Getfitstayfit , via a present from his wife, after telling  me the full story ,I told him how I could help.

I told him about the “Bioneuro Therapy System “how it works  deep within  the peripheral nervous system. 

Working in conjunction with Neuromuscular Injury Techniques, Sports Massage we have seen powerful restoration and how it could help him. 

His shoulder area was “Ischemic” (Decreased blood supply to tissue,) we made  steady progressive improvement circulation to this area. 

Pain free movement has seen a tremendous increase.

One major sign of this was recently Chris had to use a “Club Hammer”. Normally this would have caused considerable pain but no pain felt at all.

My last session with this his shoulder movement was back to normal with no issues what so ever.

Chris and his wife have had a passion for golf. This Easter they are going to peruse that passion with new increased vigour!.

Chris left this message 

I have had a serious shoulder injury for the last 35 years that no one could fix.

I have just found the man who can! Steve really knows his stuff.

I would recommend him to anyone who desires a thoroughly professional and sensitive approach to relieving pain and injury”.

Chris B

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