Long Term Shoulder Injury

Ken’s Long Term Shoulder Injury

Ken is a great guy and was more than happy to help his son, when he needed help to do the roof on a a very large barn conversion that he was doing. The problem was working on a roof long hours trying to get it finished as soon as possible took its toll on Ken’s shoulder and he ruptured a couple of ligaments and did a lot of damage to his Rotator Cuff .

After going  to the Doctor and waiting for Physiotherapy that  did not seem to help much and the painkillers were not helping, life was becoming very difficult so Ken  heard about Getfitstayfit Norfolk and Steve Kirby and thought he would give us a try, when he came to us he was in a lot of pain and was having a lot of problems with his shoulder even sleeping was disturbed and a struggle  have a look at how things have changed for Ken after 5 sessions with Steve and the Bioneuro Therapy System.


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