Blofield Church Norwich

Paul had ruptured one of his major  Hip Flexors muscles, causing his back to Spasm

Here in Blofield we have a beautiful  church  in St Andrew & St Peter

We also have a great Rector in Paul Cubbit , Paul is a very involved Rector,  when he is not out and about looking after our local community, he may be found parachuting out of planes to help raise money for our heating for the church, or moving pews or other heavy items around, to help the workmen while they were installing the heating.

So you can imagine it was of great concern when Paul called us after one such occasion to say he needed urgent  help as he had injured his back on 8th November. As he had an important funeral on the Friday, a Wedding on the Saturday and on the Sunday it was the Remembrance service. What Paul had done, was rupture one of his major  Hip Flexors muscles, causing his back to Spasm and for him to be in debilitating pain.

His muscles had contracted, so we needed to get them back to being supple and flexible again.  By using Neuromuscular Tension Release therapy, Massage and the aid of the Bioneuro to get into the deep stubborn  constricted areas ,we then improved the problem greatly . We were so pleased to be able to help Paul get back on with his extremely busy life caring for others, On the Friday he was feeling a lot better and Sunday Service was resumed as normal . Paul was even happier the following Sunday, when on Saturday Norwich had won against Manchester United, which is when the photo was taken as for the heating, well we now have a warm church which is great.

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