When a person gets tennis elbow, one or more of the tendons in their elbow becomes. Painful. Swollen and tight the pain occurs at the point where the tendons of the forearm muscle attach to the bone. Twisting movements, such as turning a door handle or opening the lid of a jar, are particularly painful. In other words your arm aches so much that you don’t want to move it Please DO NOT REACH FOR THE HEAT PAD’S, GEL OR ANY THING LIKE THAT. The first thing you need is our old friend ICE and yes you will have to rest the arm, in around three quarters of cases of tennis elbow, the dominant hand (the one that is used the most) is affected.

Malcolm came to Steve with problems with his elbow and clearly needed help, as a plasterer he had to get into awkward and prolonged position of having his arm locked above his head, he was getting to the point that he would no longer be able to do his job

Steve used the Bioneuro System Sigma Q(ΣQ)® on him along with Sports massage and had some interesting results.

Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q

Malcolm will need further treatment and the Doctors had done a lot but it was that main push that Malcolm needed to get his arm functioning again.

“Hi Steve,
After suffering from a bike accident about two years ago , & being left with pins & needles in my right hand & a lot of discomfort & lack of movement in my right elbow. I tried sorting this out at my local GPs, but after seven cortisone injections still no luck with changing anything, spoke to my GP again to be advised that I may have to look at changing my career,( Not impressed with that idea at all )

I proceeded to investigate alternative therapy, much of which has generally not worked .

I was then advised by a friend of mine about the work she has had done by you and your Bioneuro dry system Sigma Q machine, & now after just one session myself I cannot believe the difference.

The pain has retreated & the freedom of movement is so improved. I will be recommending you to my family & friends.

Steve, I would just like take this time to say a very big thank you for your help

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