Peter in Norfolk and what he had to say about Getfitstayfit Norfolk

Peter is a very busy man a work related issue had  lead to.

Problems with the neck that transferred to the trapezium down through the shoulder to the arms.

As I always say all muscles pull and if you have a tight muscle in the upper part of the body it will affect other areas, this was the case for Peter,  the same affect as leaning over the computer at work all day, here is his testimony after being treated by Steve.


Hi Steve

Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you but we have been rushed off our feet but at long last I can send you a testimonial.

I had been suffering with a clicky  neck for a couple of years and sometimes my head felt that it had the weight of a medicine ball.  I kept putting off doing anything about it as I was used to pain because of a very rare condition that I suffer from as I have to take morphine 3 times a day.  Apart from my neck I started to get really sharp pains in my elbow.  I was recommended to see Steve Kirby so I made an appointment and went to see him at his clinic in Norwich.  Steve uses a unique machine called The Bioneuro Dry System Sigma.   He put some pads on my back then wired them to the machine which sent electric pulses deep into my muscles for about 20 mins.  It felt great. Then he gave me a terrific sports massage working on my painful joints.  After just 2 sessions with him, the results were amazing, my neck is the best it has been in years and the pain in my elbow, gone.  If you have painful joints or suffer tight muscles through stress, go to Steve Kirby, he will make you feel a million dollars.  Anyone in a stressful job should also go to Steve.   Bosses send your stressed staff to him,  you will get much more from them for just 1 hour with this brilliant guy and his amazing machine.

Thanks Steve.  See you again soon.


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