Severe Pain Across Lower Back And Down Both Legs

I had severe pain across my lower back and down one or both legs.

This is Jennie’s story, she came to me with a number of issues and it was a long process, it had its ups and downs , but Jennie is a determined woman and we worked through the downs  to achieve the very positive ups , she wanted her life back and not a drug induced existence, of which she was having to deal with because of the Morphine Patches , of which I can happily say she no longer needs. At first it she came to me  weekly, but as she progressed she only needed to see me once a month, now it is and when she feels she needs too and the difference in Jennie is quite something.


I contacted Steve Kirby on August Bank Holiday 2011,he offered me help straight away. I had been in severe pain for over 4 years after pulling my wet dog out of the river. I had severe pain across my lower back and down one or both legs. No specialist-Orthopaedic, Neurologist or Rheumatoid offered any help. Following MRI scans[which showed several bulging discs I was given steroid and analgesic injections with no effect.

I was also given Denervation [burning of the nerves]  to stop the pain. That did not work either.


I was unable to carry on a normal life. I was then put on to Morphine patches which did help -but for the rest of my life?

Steve has given me hope. After 18 months, with treatment on the Bioneuro Dry System I am taking little or no painkillers. I have just walked 3 miles with my dog and can look forward to a future.


Thank you Steve

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