Golf Injury in Norwich Norfolk

One of the sports that folks in Norwich and throughout Norfolk love is Playing Golf!

Statistics show that 50% of people who love playing the Sport have to retire with physical injury!

Why I hear you ask?

Frequently in my clinic golf players come with lower back issues!

Why Golf Causes Low Back Pain in the East of England and beyond?

  • The full golf swing (backswing and follow-through) rotates the spine with a lot of force and little control
  • Lumbar spine muscles strain to help provide force for the golf swing
  • Disc and facet joint loading increases to help provide force for the golf swing
  • Bending over to pick up the golf bag and carrying it can strain muscles as well.20140715_142514

 TIP’S That Can Help!!

Try a warm up before you play  !

  • Roll your neck but be careful not to go too far back.
  • Shrug your shoulders rolling them forwards then backwards.
  • Bear hug yourself.
  • Roll your trunk around your hips.
  • Stretch one arm up above your head and bend your elbow, then pull your elbow down with your other hand.
  • Rock up and down on your toes; raise both hands above your head and lean from side to side.
  • Take a step forward, lean back on your rear foot, and lift the toes of your forward foot off the ground.
  • Roll your ankles keeping your toes on the ground.

A few good reasons why Sports Massage and Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (∑Q®) will improve your round!

Sports Massage is great for improvement in circulation. Should you have had a hard round, your muscles will be stiff, oxygenated blood will improve your physical well-being very quickly. Relaxed muscles will have less risk of strain and then you will get your handicap down!

Muscular pain whilst playing golf means your swing is not being maximized.  An injury will cause other muscles to protect that area. “All muscles pull, they don’t push”. The Bioneuro Therapy Sigma Q (∑Q®) system combined with Sports Massage will aid release of endorphins and thus help physical relaxation.

Golf is full of continuous moves e.g. “The swing and correct technique is vital.” The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (∑Q®) plus “Muscle Energy Techniques interwoven with Sports Massage will increase movement and reduce weariness and anxiety to help you improve beyond belief”!20140715_142522

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