The tale of a retired rugby player

I was recommended to Steve Kirby by my daughter (Get fit stay fit Norfolk) after 10 years of serious discomfort, Steve is a very nice guy and very well qualified for the service he provides which is fixing Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries. I contacted Steve as I was having issues after having to endure numerous operations on my hips, I have now had to have eight full hip replacements over this period, due to many complications. These complications are now behind me thankfully, but some quite serious discomfort remained with me.  Including blood flow issues, nerve damage and neuropathy leaving me with a horrible numbness in my feet with tingling, pins and needles type discomfort. It affected my walking, something I used to love to do, my sleeping was affected badly also.

I am pleased to say that after just 5 sessions with Steve, I am feeling much better, my blood flow and blood pressure has gone back to normal, my sleeping is a lot better, and the feeling in my legs, feet and toes is returning to something like normal. Going for a walk has become enjoyable again rather than the burden it had become, I would recommend Steve and the service he provides to anyone with muscular, blood flow, nerve damage, joint and general aches and pains, I am positive he will make you feel better.

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