Rehabilitation from injury and surgery

Rehabilitation from injury and surgery

Recently whilst in conversation with experienced Health Care professionals , we discussed the subject of rehabilitation from injury and surgery . We agreed that there was a serious lack of aiding nerve activation in the restoration of skeletal muscular function so patients could enjoy pain free movement in the UK today.

Muscle needs major factors to help it function, These are blood and nerve supply. If either of the above two are not present the muscle will atrophy (Die).  Treating patients with knee and hip pathologies. Theses waiting for surgery and those post surgery a major factor arises.

Muscle condition

How are the condition of muscles around the joint. The more the vascularlarity the better the repair. Especially with the waiting lists now at 18 months, all my new patients say in one loud voice. “Steve exercises alone are not cutting it “. Tight and shortened muscles need to be released manually, gently and progressively.

Careful physical restoration the better the clinical outcome to achieve a long term goal of quality of life. Neuropeptides ,often not discussed, can be released to improve the patients mental abilities and enhance that feel good factor with massage and manipulation. Better flow of “Motor Neurons” or nerve messengers .

“Foot Drop “ is another major pathology to patients who have suffered trauma to their back ,hip or leg or knee . They are unable to get “Dorsiflexion “. Lift the front of the foot up for the uninitiated. We have seen excessively positive clinical outcomes. One thing is everyone is made the same but every injury has a different cause. We find the cause and treat it to enable the individual to return to be the best they can be.

What aids our manual and neuromuscular therapy?  I hear you ask. Good question! Being, qualified, insured and experienced practitioners of Bioneuro “Sigma Q”. We send frequency into your nervous system aiding restoration in many ways to aid your long term outlook of life.

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