How The Hydrotherm Massage Therapy Helped Back Pain In Norwich

Being a Sports Massage and Injury Therapist, involved in manual therapy since 1991

I have always strived to achieve the best clinical outcome for patients that come to me,  with acute and chronic muscular pain.

Patients with Acute Back pain being my main concern

Then I met “John Holman” The CEO of  John Holman Therapy Solutions with his Hydrotherm  Massage System” after seeing the Hydrotherm in action I decided I would have a system in my own clinical practice, on completing his  course and assessment, I then brought the Hydrotherm, to use as a standard tool in my clinic at Blofield, having it permanently set up for for use, for my clients.

It has enabled  me to intervene and help many clients that may otherwise, have had difficulty in having lower back injury treatment.

This is a  email  received this morning , from Janet  a client who was in such a position.

Hi Steve

Wanted to give my back and knees a good workout before waxing lyrical, about your gorgeous bed and your massage skills.  I can now say after several miles of cliff paths, that my back and knees are the best they have been for many years, I think my main problem now is lack of general fitness which really I need to work on.

so for your quotable quote, as my daughter Julia says ‘Steve is Fab and has got a warm water bed to die for”

From me I have to say you have made walking a pleasure again I don’t roll any more, my back is better than it has been for 20 years and I love your warm comforting Hydrotherm Massage Bed it makes all the other treatments extra specially good.

See you soon


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