Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing

Having struggled in my retirement from damaged ligaments in my shoulders, lower back.

I had pain and cramp in my thighs, at night there seem to be no rest from being in Pain.

I went to see Steve after reading about him in the EDP Norfolk magazine.

I have had four visits to date, two of which involved the use of the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q(∑Q)®

The difference that the treatment I have been having, with Steve has made has been amazing.

I feel pain free, more agile and have a more positive outlook.

I can enjoy playing golf again something I thought I would not be able to do  and gardening without suffering afterwards.

I wanted to be able to do things , that I had not been able to do in my working life because of time ,but then to be unable to do them because of pain was so unfair , seeing Steve has changed all that.

I am out and about seeing friends not having to take painkilling medication, enjoying my life I am just so glad that Steve has turned my retirement round for me .

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