The Importance of “Fluid Motion when on Horseback

I have Osteoarthritis in my hips and have been under the consultant at the hospital.

I have been suffering severe pain in my right hip/leg.

The consultant was adamant that this was due to the arthritis and at my age refused to carry out a hip replacement.

Still unsure whether the pain was just due to the arthritis I decided to seek further advice. I am a keen horse rider and have not been able to ride since July due to the pain.

Well I visited Steve Kirby and had three sessions on the Bioneuro Dry Therapy System Sigma Q(∑Q)®

The pain eased considerably and I am now riding my horse with little to no  pain.

I will continue to visit Steve until I feel the need to stop, but feel I will need a top up whilst I am still riding.

Steve and his wife Jacqui are great people with a positive outlook on life and I would never have any hesitation in recommending them here’s to a Pain free 2012

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