Back Injury Treatment

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for helping me to get my back better.

I had suffered for a few weeks, the pain and lack of ability to move was getting worse.


I went to the GP. They gave me Pain Killers and signed me off sick for a month.

Then I saw your advert and called you, thankfully you were able to see me very quickly.

You assessed me and told me the muscles in my lower back were causing the pain. You put me on the Bioneuro Dry Therapy System Sigma Q(∑Q)® and also used Neuromuscular Injury Therapy Techniques and Sports Injury Therapy on my legs.

Then the day after I was able to move a lot better. I came to see you again, the same process took place and I felt great the best I had been in months. 

I have been back to see the GP and they are very pleased.

I’m also now returning to work fit, healthy and no back pain!

Many Thanks


Blofield, Norfolk

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