Bioneuro Sigma Steve Kirby in Use

The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®)

Prior to surgery  I received treatment on The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) I knew that if my Abdominal  muscles were flexible this would make the surgery easier to perform.

The Bioneuro Therapy system Sigma Q (ΣQ®) with its patented technology is capable of deep penetration to areas of the body not normally accessible with other superficially similar systems it works deeply into your Central and Peripheral nervous systems. So it can deliver its effective energy direct to the injured area increasing nerve and blood supply, waking up moribund nerves, regenerating nerve pathways, thereby accelerating recovery.

After allowing time for the wound to heal in my case as is with most people the outer scar tissue is about 10- 11 days

I used the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) again,  this  then opened  up of nerve pathways and allowing a steady increase in blood flow, bringing the abdominal muscle back into a functional state quickly.

The muscles as I spoke about in the 1st part of my Blog were the “Multifidus” and the “Transversus abdominal muscles “, I also explained the “Multifidus” and the “Transversus abdominal muscles are very deep muscles and vital to maintain the pelvic stability, rotate and stabilize the spinal structure.

Ref Spinal Stability, we worked the area from the T9 working downward to finish at L1, The Posterior Ramus of the spinal nerves.

Please take a look at the photo, in which we have shown how we placed the pads of the Bioneuro , in the appropriate area to maximise effect, we have shown this with the client lying down on their front , this is only to make it easier to view .

Following treatment on the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) combined with the massage, and the use of Neuromuscular Release Techniques

I felt totally pain free and was able to move without pain or restriction what so ever.

This process has strongly aided my rehabilitation to this point. Speaking as a, Sports and Neuromuscular Injury Therapist, undergoing surgery, experiencing the pain and knowing the release from pain, after the treatment, the ability to heal quicker and move more freely has made a big difference.

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