Diagnosis of Diabetes type 2

When you are given the Diagnosis of Diabetes type 2. it has not just happened on that day, otherwise they would not be diagnosing it.

The damage is already taking place, it is not the 1st day of the disease, it is the “wake up call that something is very wrong”  it is not the Starting point, what it needs to be “is the point where intervention will stop or reduce the acceleration”. 

Where you take control of it and your body, so that Diabetes does not take control of you .

You have to take charge, you have to look at your diet, health and your exercise plan, I am not saying that you have suddenly start running, going to the gym and take on the world.

Talk to and take the advice of the Diabetic Nurse have a look at   Diabetes Uk for advice in regards to your diet  lots of information, charts and answers yes there is a lot to take in, so take your time, but if you set a Goal to get ahead of this, then you will.


“In other words no matter what advice you are given. in the end it is going to be up to you so try to do the right thing for you”

Exercise is good but the right type , you need to look at the cardiovascular, start easy go swimming, walking you need to get the muscles relaxed not tighten them up , there are reasons for this.

The things that you need to be aware of you have to reduce your sugar intake, smoking and excessive alcohol use can contribute to Diabetic Neuropathy, also pure fruit juice in fact forget the sugary drinks and high in sugar fruits, leaf vegetables are your friend, but read up on things. You do need to make sure you are looking at both your nutrition and movement.

Exercise is good but the right type , you need to look at the cardiovascular, start easy go swimming, walking you need to get the muscles relaxed not tighten them up , there are reasons for this.

Tightened or shortened muscles, do not have  good blood flow and nerve supply and Good Blood Flow and Nerve supply is essential if you have Diabetes.

In that exercise plan please consider Massage, for many reasons apart from helping with blood flow and lymphatic system’s it will also help with lifting mood and depression, so it aids both your Psychological and the Physiological systems. It will help keep the muscles supple, the blood flow will increase, more important you will get blood flow to your muscles and your nerve supply will increase  one won’t work with out the other to create movement , the muscles facilitate the movement the nerves orchestrate  it.

You have to look after your extremities, I.E your hands and feet, this is not something to  take with a pinch of salt it is one of the more worrying things about Diabetes, the problem is Many people with diabetes have Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

PAD’s will reduce Blood flow to the feet, the other part of the problem is that  many people with diabetes also have nerve disease, this then  reduces sensation.

Some facts that you should consider

Our Blood vessels are vital for the body and play a key role in diabetes helping to transport glucose and insulin, But they can become  damaged by the effects of high blood glucose levels , so there is going to be a knock on effect , it can cause damage to organs, such as the heart and eyes, if significant blood vessel damage is sustained, the reason being Damaged blood vessels can’t do their job, they are meant  too such as  bringing oxygen and nutrients to the nerves,  if they are damaged , eventually it will lead to nerve damage.

Diabetic neuropathy, you will more than likely hear it called ” Diabetic Nerve Pain”, this is diabetes related nerve damage. It will develop over time; unfortunately  the longer you have diabetes, the more at risk you are for diabetic neuropathy to become a reality, so the sooner you start to look after you the better things will be.

I always believe strongly  as a Therapist everyday is a learning opportunity . Especially with  pathologies  such as diabetes.

Every one is made the same, but in some way we are all different . I have been using cutting edge technology in the form of The Bioneuro System Sigma Q, along with massage and manipulations to  aid my  clients, are noticing great results.

it was great to receive this from one of my patients Darren in feed back, it is great to see his improvement at each session.

Dear Steve

In September of 2018 I underwent a second operation to remove a large kidney stone – after the operation I was suffering from a pain in the right hip and the front of the right thigh was painful to the touch – after some visits to the doctors, then a physio I was referred to neurology – a wait of some 16 weeks

At this time I could not walk (even on a smooth flat surface) without a stick – and anything other than a perfectly flat surface would lead to the leg collapsing and I ended up lying on the floor –  leading to several embarrassing moment at potential customers properties and a more serious incident where I fell down a flight of 12 concrete steps

I could not negotiate slopes – uphill was painful to the front of the leg and downhill resulted in loss of feeling 

I couldn’t carry anything heavier than 1 kg as I would lose balance 

I always felt fatigued – dropping off to sleep in the afternoon and retiring to bed as early as 8 pm in the evening

I could not lift the right leg into the air if lying on my back – climbing and depending stairs was extremely difficult – getting in/out of cars was hard and in/out of vans impossible 

After finally seeing a consultant and undertaking a nerve test I was informed that basically I was to live with this condition as its diabetes related

Moving forward and on recommendation I have now had 4 treatments with Steve  on his Bioneuro Sigma Q system and the  improvements are remarkable:


I walk unaided on the majority of surfaces – with or without shopping 

I can step-up and down kerbs without fear 

I can raise my leg from the lying down position 

I have reduced the amount of painkillers to just 1 every other day (from 2 per day)

I am less fatigued

I can descend stairs almost normally 

I can with effort, climb stairs normally 

I can rise from the sitting position without help and cross my legs 

I have now started to take the children 10 pin bowling – although not as fluid in delivery as I want to be I can deliver a 12 pound ball down the lane pain free


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