Age should not Stop you

When you get a little older, you start to question what you can or can’t do in regards to exercise,

You worry about injury , but this is a time in your life when you can start to enjoy doing things , what you need to do though  is.

Keep Flexible ,Supple , Know Your Limits And Enjoy Life.

Neuromuscular Injury Therapy, along with Massage helps  keep things pumping, it moves the lymphatic system it keeps blood flowing to the muscles, it keeps those muscle flexible,  less chance of aches and pains, it also releases the bodies own feel good factor Endorphins that help with our own Natural Healing Abilities . Here at our Treatment Room at Getfitstayfit Norfolk we use these therapies to aid our clients, to insure their abilities to stay supple

The Bioneuro Therapy system works with the clients own body,  even better than a Deep Tissue, Sports Massage without the need to apply as much pressure.

Free From Pain

Just because you are getting older it does not mean you have to do less.

When you have had a life that has been on the go all the time ,then you retire it is  better to Keep active, Mentally and Physically, so find hobbies that suit and stimulate  you like  running , swimming ,dancing, there are so many activities out there you can do. All you have to do is embrace them and keep fit enough to do them.  after all it is about you and what you need to keep you on top form.

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