A Mum Say’s Thanks to Getfitstayfit

Claire came to us after a phone call from her very concerned mother, asking Steve if he could help her daughter. Claire in the past had suffered from SPD after child birth with reoccurring problems while having her 2nd child, The problem for Claire was these symptoms had not been fully relived, leaving her with further issues.

Have a look at what her mother had to say after Claire had  2 treatments with Getfitstayfit Norfolk

Dear Steve,

I felt I must just write to you to express my heartfelt thanks for the care and Bioneuro Therapy System treatments that you have given Claire these past 2 weeks.


I have had to watch my beautiful daughter undergo the trauma of surgery just 6 weeks after giving birth to her little daughter Bessie 3 years ago, followed by many, many unsuccessful treatments, to say nothing of taking an endless variety of prescription pills all with their own distressing side effects, and on top of all of this, being whisked off in an ambulance to A&E in the middle of the night on least 12 several occasions.


Leaving her distraught husband and little one’s behind. {It was always me, her Mum who went to the hospital with her every time}. During all of this she has endured acute back and leg pain which has only added to the misery of her not being able to function as a fit and active wife and mum.

I’m telling you Steve this has been a truly awful time for all of us.

Claire finally reached her lowest point with the back / leg pain and was at ‘rock bottom’ when she made that cry for help, asking me to arrange to bring her to see you.

When we arrived at the door of your lovely wooden treatment cabin I think we were all praying for a little miracle. And yesterday Steve I saw before my very eyes that miracle, but it was not just a little miracle but a VERY BIG ONE !!

Claire was walking & moving more upright and freely than I have seen in a very, very long time…..  and PAIN FREE and all of this after only 2 Bioneuro Therapy System Treatments what an incredible result !! 


We all know that Claire still that last little bit of the mountain to climb but with just maybe 1 or 2 more Bioneuro Therapy treatments, together with your care and support Steve there is absolutely no doubt she will make it to the top !

The smile on her face as she stood up after her treatment yesterday said it all.

Thank you Steve from the bottom of my heart,



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