Adrian had also suffered a major trauma, in which he had been being kicked in the hip by a race horse, being kicked by a horse is like being hit by a ton weight moving at about 20 miles an hour,

Here at our Neuromuscular and Skeletal  Injury Clinic we treat patients  with both chronic and acute injuries, caused by either  sudden mild muscular trauma, repetitive muscular injury or in quite a few cases a long term muscular injury due to a very traumatic related incident.

I have always believed that when you treat a patient you are treating the whole  of the patient, to do that you have to ask questions and listen to the answers give them time to think about and discuss with you how they are feeling, what had happened, how they are adapting what has being going on since the incident.

You need all the information and it is amazing how much people do not tell you at first, but as time passes more is revealed to help you put things into perspective.

This is what has been happening with one of our Long term patients .

Adrian presented at our clinic in the summer of 2019.

Blinded with fear of the future due to the view and consensus, it was possible, that he was suffering from  Cerebellar ataxia (Cerebellar ataxia can occur as a result of many diseases and may present with symptoms of an inability to coordinate balance, gait, extremity and eye movement). This man used to swim for his county ,be very fit and had quality of life .

Knowing  that specialised treatment with  ( Transcranial direct current stimulation TDCS) was being trialled I felt strongly we could help with Bioneuro Sigma Q treatment .

Further investigations found Adrian had also suffered a major trauma, in which he had been being kicked in the hip by a race horse, being kicked by a horse is like being hit by a ton weight moving at about 20 miles an hour, this in anyone’s book is major impact injury, then stamping on his foot,  let’s not kid ourselves here, we are not just talking shattered bones, but nerve and muscle damage all of a serious degree in truth it could kill you.

For Adrian  it had caused dramatic physical deterioration, The impact for him  being kicked by the race horse had caused Femoral Acetabular Impingement  (FAI ).


Then to add to that, he then had to have  abdominal prostate surgical intervention, this also caused numerous issues, his core stability was by no means in anyway in a good condition, leaving him  with, very poor  coordinated motions of his hip ,lower spinal column and femur  life for this man was not great.

Bioneuro sigma Q intervention has aided the return of good Pelvifemoral rhythmic motion to aid this physical abilities in every fashion.

So what clinical outcomes have we seen with Bioneuro, Sigma Q  .

Here are a few ,

Walking ability/posture,  Has improved greatly now 95 % unaided .


Hip and knee function that had degenerated greatly, Muscle tone improved  and natural proprioception ,all three types  (  perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body)  dramatically improved .


All Physiological natural everyday bodily functions are working well with ,Medication no longer required to aid in these functions.


Adrian’s Neurologist had seen him when we first commenced  treatment, seeing him since treatment started, he  is deeply impressed , due to the fact that the physical degeneration had ceased and he was now seeing  marked improvement


We are  pleased that on each appointment, Adrian has shown a positive response and that at his next appointment,  he will be showing much further improvement .


There is much more to write as we take this journey with Adrian , this is such a good news story of a life being restored and a person having quality of life in every sense again.  


The bigger and more powerful overriding goal for Adrian and his partner Haley, is a (WWW. one), no not the World Wide Web .This is closer to home for them both, a home they are  wanting to build together starting with.


A Walk (Totally unaided  down an Aisle)  , Adrian said to me when we first met this was one of his main hopes he wanted walk his future wife Haley, down the aisle at their Wedding, to a future together building their lives again, then back to  Work ,to return to his job, this can now be looked at and seriously considered.

That’s the future clinical outcome that  I want to work towards for him, with the aid of Bioneuro Sigma Q, the same as I want for all my patients ,so they can have quality of life to the full.

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