Back Injury Treatment For James a Dedicated Runner at Getfitstayfit Norfolk

Over the 24 years that I have been a Sports Injury Therapist I have treated many Runners with various injuries ,getting them back to fitness as soon as I can so they can achieve their goals is one of the things I enjoy the most.Guy is a plaster by trade, he is very particular about his work and knows how important it is to get a smooth finish, but after 9 years of pain seeing various practitioners, getting no better, he was getting fed up with how the pain in his Upper,Lower Back and Shoulders, was affecting his sleep and smooth mobility. This is an Email he sent to Getfitstayfit Norfolk this week Hi Steve, Please find below my thoughts on my treatment received from you these past wks. I sustained a back injury way back in late 2005 and in the past 9 years I have had treatment from an Osteopath, regular monthly Chiropractic treatment And 3 different NHS Physiotherapists, all giving me a different diagnosis. The back pain was still there leaving me with a reduced sleep of 6 hrs per night before the intense pain would wake me up.

Over the years there have also been some great advancements in treatments and I have always kept informed and on top of them.

I have worked with both the Bioneuro Sigma Q Therapy system and the Hydrotherm Massage System, because as tools for a therapist to use, along with their most important tools their hands, they have proved to be incredibly affective for me at getting my patients back to fitness quicker. Meaning I don’t have to see them as often as some therapist do and they are back doing what they want to do.

James is a runner I had seen him a year ago, I had not needed to see him since, he had continued to run, but just recently after a couple of weeks heavy going, he came to see me again.

This is the email he sent me after treatment

Good Evening Steve

May I first thank you for arranging an appointment to see me so quickly.

I think the best way to sum up the success of yesterdays treatment is to say that having struggled with my jogging in recent weeks (and I know this was against your advice) I successfully completed 10 miles this morning with very little discomfort.  I can highly recommend the Bioneuro sigma Q and Hydrotherm massage treatment and am very grateful for your assistance.

I will contact you again after next Sunday with an update.

Kind regards and thank you for your assistance


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