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Raven attended Getfitstayfit Norfolk earlier this summer with server knee pain.

Steve ,carried out a full knee exam and found his knee to be very unstable, a few home truths had to be told to this young man as to what he may be facing.

A torn Meniscus and Posterior Cruciate Ligament damage were Steve’s findings, his knee was locking and giving way.


“I have been in the Sports Injury business for many years, but Ravens Injuries were some of the worst I had seen in a long time.”

This young man is a serious Martial Artist, Kick Boxer and Coach, a knee injury  was devastating news for him.

We started to be treat Raven on the BioNeuro MK2 Sigma Q, to help get some sort of function back  into the knee,

then on Raven next visit he informed us “That after the first treatment  session his knee did NOT lockup at all,” so  Steve knew he had something to work with .

Steve, explained to Raven how the nerve pathways  worked in the knee on the muscles and ligament’ s, setting up a treatment plan, knowing

Raven would have to be referred  to see a Orthopaedic  Surgeon in Norwich due to the Trauma in the area the surgery concerned and with conditions that would affect the Musculoskeletal system (the bones, joints, ligaments ,tendons, muscles and nerves)  it would be important for him to be in the best shape possible for this surgery.

The first appointment with the surgeon was arranged, an MRI scan was ordered, the result ,showed numerous problems this sort of injury affected so much and would need

. “A dogs dinner “ was the description the surgeon gave it . “I will try to do all I can to save the knee “. These were his closing words as procedures for surgery where started.

 “A dogs dinner “ was the description the surgeon gave it . “I will try to do all I can to save the knee “. These were his closing words as procedures for surgery  where started.

In the meantime while waiting for Surgery it was our job to keep Ravens Muscles supple and flexible in preparation for the operation, the aim being to make things easier for the surgeon to do his work.

Further weekly sessions of BioNeuroMK2, continued along with Neuromuscular Therapy and Massage, the need for No More Deterioration was important,  thankfully Raven being young and very physically fit, also understanding the importance of continued exercise was able to keep on top of things.

Raven, is deeply dedicated to his sport he was also in training for a title fight . “I was totally gob smacked ,people in the gym did not know I had a problem .” Said Raven, we were a bit concerned at this, but there was no longer any  locking or giving way ,no instability with this mans knee at all.

Then the day of the pre-operation  assessment came . Raven contacted us and said, “Steve I went, but I felt very guilty, every other patient there, was for surgery with a similar problems to mine, but they were in wheelchairs or on crutch’s, while I was walking normally” said Raven.

The operation took place at  Norfolk and Norwich under an incredible Orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Charles Mann MBBS, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Orth), whom we respect and admire greatly , along with his team, having completed the surgery,  he then gave Raven  a small gift,  part of the damaged cartilage that he had removed and told him


“Well ,we have saved your knee .”

Further Bioneuro treatment will now help in a rehabilitation program and restore full function quicker than orthodox physiotherapy.

One last word from Raven . ” Thank God for  Steve, The Bioneuro Treatment , and a great surgeon “

A fighter who we know has return, stronger and fitter to achieve his goals ! 

One last word from Raven . ” Thank God for Steve, The BioNeuro Treatment , and a great surgeon “. A fighter who we know will return,stronger and fitter to achieve his goals !

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